June 12, 2010

Superman on the Radio! your help needed!!!!

Superman, my debut single... is now on US Radio! yes yes, it has been a long time coming, but we've kept our feet running, and have never let them get us down (Lyr.)

anywho, Superman has finally hit the airwaves!!! but the only way we're going to be able to hear it is if we all pull together and do our bit by calling in and requesting it!

so please everyone do me the kindest of flavours and click here or go to find your nearest station and request it!

I will love you forever and ever ever n ever ever ever (Lyr.)

Click on the list below to find your city!
if you can't find your city... phone your local station anyway!

Peace n Love
Over n Out
Joe x


Jelli said...

Of course I'll help! And you can help me by checking your myspace messages. :)

.:JoaNNa:. said...

how can I get your songs on radio outside the states?? if I were there I would request it everyday!


Joe Brooks said...
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JJ Linville said...

Cody Simpson is sooo cool!!!

liz g. said...

i live in el paso and i just wanted to say that the number you have is the business number. if you wanna request the song you have to call (915)880-9393 :) just lettin y'all know :D request the amazing song now!!