August 27, 2010

The Making of a Superhero

Being in love with someone you can't have is heartbreaking. Becoming a superhero, I guess, would be one way of solving this problem. Unfortunately, the collage of blue skinnys, a peck hugging gym tee and a bright yellow Topman belt is the closest i am ever going to come... I wanted to capture the light hearted love story of a boy and his best friend. Taking me back to my school days and the reason why this song was written in the first place.

I wrote the video treatment over a few beers with some friends, all pitching in ideas (some much better than others). One thing I knew was that I HAD to wear a cape... that wasn't open for discussion, I had a strong vision of ending the video overlooking downtown wearing my homemade Superhero attire (watching kick-ass a few nights previous was all the confirmation i needed).

7am I arrived at the location, with fingers tightly crossed, we shot until sunset. It was a beautiful day for many many different reasons... one of those 'is this really happening to me' moments as you observe from an outer-body perspective.

August 25, 2010

V Festival

VFest. it rained, it was muddy, and it was apparently completely acceptable for women to squat next to the stage and pee in the open... buuuuuut it was AWESOME!

Backstage was pretty sick, I made full use of the free massages, haircuts and bars... I mean, I was a student once... I learned all about taking full advantage of freebies.

Had a chat with the legendary Madness! and had 'baggy trousers, baggy trousers' stuck in my head all day. They taught me a valuable lesson (after a few pints): 'wear a vest under your t-shirt when performing outside' lol hmm, a little bizarre, but an amazing experience none-the-less.

After Paolo came and asked for his photo with me, which I reluctantly spent 30 seconds of my busy day fulfilling (ok so maybe that isn't a completely accurate description of how it went down), I watched Faithless and Kasabian rip up the main stage to finish an amazing weekend... WE COME ONE.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support, was a pleasure meeting you all through the microphone ;) Don't forget its only 2 weeks until my debut album comes out and until I head on the US tour, see you then!

Peace and Love
Over and Out,
x, JB

August 18, 2010

2010 Touring

hoping to see everyone soon...
Click Here for Tickets & Info

I'm a little over excited to get out onto the open road, guitar in one hand, steering wheel in the other along with some band mates and explore America. I've estimated that i will have visited almost 40 states by the time i've finished the tour, including driving through and ones i've already visited... I feel very lucky... I can't wait!

Then... dun dun durghhh.... We're back with a new set of rocking songs in the Queens backyard... that is the United Kingdom *throws hand out in front and dips head to complete a 19th century bow* It's always mayhem... be there or be square ;) for tickets and details!

August 3, 2010

World At Our Feet

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These are my feet...

They will walk 250,000 miles in my lifetime,
the distance from my front door to the Moon.
With every step, we make a choice.
And with each choice we pave our paths.

These are your feet... lets take a walk :)