August 25, 2010

V Festival

VFest. it rained, it was muddy, and it was apparently completely acceptable for women to squat next to the stage and pee in the open... buuuuuut it was AWESOME!

Backstage was pretty sick, I made full use of the free massages, haircuts and bars... I mean, I was a student once... I learned all about taking full advantage of freebies.

Had a chat with the legendary Madness! and had 'baggy trousers, baggy trousers' stuck in my head all day. They taught me a valuable lesson (after a few pints): 'wear a vest under your t-shirt when performing outside' lol hmm, a little bizarre, but an amazing experience none-the-less.

After Paolo came and asked for his photo with me, which I reluctantly spent 30 seconds of my busy day fulfilling (ok so maybe that isn't a completely accurate description of how it went down), I watched Faithless and Kasabian rip up the main stage to finish an amazing weekend... WE COME ONE.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support, was a pleasure meeting you all through the microphone ;) Don't forget its only 2 weeks until my debut album comes out and until I head on the US tour, see you then!

Peace and Love
Over and Out,
x, JB


bianca said...

Okay you and Paolo Nutini are mmy favourtie artisits and to find a picture of you two together is pretty spectacular! <3

Fer said...

hey Joe, I love your blog! can't wait until your album comes out :]

My Blog said...

OMG! I'm so fallin in love with your voice and ur song too. can you help me please? Follow my twitter please @vivinnyta i'm just being crazy because of you. please help me now! you had amazing song, congrats :D

Still alive. said...

Just wanted to say u how amazing u are. (:

Anonymous said...

Ok so you and Paolo Nutini together. Just made my day. I can't wait for you're album to come out. I've been waiting for years.

.:JoaNNa:. said...

omg wish i was there! glad you had fun!
can you add some of Southeast Asian countries in your touring list please? :)

love you!

2 not blonde swedish girls said...

PLEASE COME 2 Sweden sometime!!! We love your music!

Sarah said...

Hi Joe! I love your songs, and trust me, ii sing them ALL the time (;
I must say that you have a REALLY great voice! It would be awesome if you made some new songs :)

check out our swedish blog on
leave a comment if you want :)

/ Sarah

Harold Nieles said...

companion really follow your career every day, maybe you do become a mirror of what I can be soon, I'm from Venezuela and I really would love you to come someday - check my blog.