July 29, 2010

Artist Spotlight

When i see talent that i like, i want to talk about it to everyone i meet.
Last night i went to see Laura Marling, watch this space folkland, the name will continue to grow.

Granted i don't know a lot about Laura but... Live, she was stunning, mezmerising, graceful and defined. it's been a while since i've witnessed such powerful 5 part harmonies, and my favourite instrument of them all... the Cello.

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Any Marry said...

nice! She has a great voice!
Oh, so cool, I'll send for you song that I like!
I hope you like!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Like it a lot.
Your blog is inspiring. =)

Liv Horton said...

So coool!

p.s. please follow me on twitter! :)

Cara_x said...

I love Laura Marling's songs. I really like New Romantic & I think her new album is great. (:

Ace said...

Augustana (Sunday's Best), Parachute (Be Here), Margot & The Nuclear So & So's (Quiet As A Mouse), Kyle Patrick of The Click Five (Another Life).