July 20, 2010

DAY 2 - US Radio Promo Tour

*Sat in Starbucks, I am the only laptop user not writing their first big blockbuster. Pittsburgh, grey skies loom above our heads, it looks like it should be cold, but it's quite the opposite. Humid and close.*

We set sail from LAX on Sunday at noon heading for Norfolk, VA. via Charlotte. Long story short... We missed our connecting flight and the airline lost our baggage. -- side note: never fly on US airways -- Needing to be at our destination by 8:00am the following day, we rented a brand new Nissan Altima Hybrid (which had some serious balls behind it) and drove over night through some towns that could have featured in any number of horrors flicks. We arrived at 3:30am slept for 3 hours and were singing and playing to the warm welcoming team at 94.9 the Point by 9am after what seemed like an eternity of travelling. a steady drive to Washington D.C. we met the friendly people at Mix 107.3, I shaved in their bathroom and changed my t-shirt for the first time in 36 hours... lets just say that i didn't smell too "fresh" lol.

After flying out of Baltimore we're now hanging in Pittsburgh, driving in last night over one of it's many many bridges, downtown looked so pretty. We just played for Q92.9 and Star 100.7, it's been a pleasure meeting the people that work at all of the stations, super nice, super genuine, I feel like the American people in general are naturally very welcoming and warm.

Tonight we drive and stay in Louisville, Kentucky. I'm excited to visit 102.3 the Max in Louisville because it's been playing 'Superman' roughly twice daily for the past month! So I actually can't wait to thank them!

Today I realized just how lucky I am to be able to travel, see all corners of this vast and diverse country all while playing my guitar and singing my tunes... It's a real dream come true. I promised myself that I wouldn't complain or moan about anything while I'm travelling and to treat each day and performance as though it was the last in my career.

Eva Cassidy is now singing 'Songbird' to accompany my Hazlenut hot chocolate...
Stop back soon for the next installation of the promo tour :)

Peace and Love,
Over and Out,
Joe x


Becca said...

Thanks for coming out to MIX107.3. Love your music! Best of luck with the album :)

JJ said...

Lets take a trip around the world today
In the backseat driving down shady lane
Lets take a trip around the world today
I like it, I like it that way
I dont care, if u dont care
Lets take a trip around the world today
And see what the h*ll we'll find
Lets take a trip around the world today
I like it, I like it that way

--Alexz Johnson
"Trip Around The World"

Anonymous said...

looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

gotta love road trips and all the adventures and misadventures.
I can't decide ,which are the most fun to tell?

Maybe I'll run into you in Colorado .That would be AWESOME!
continue to enjoy our country and hope you come visit us in Texas soon!!!!:)


Any Marry said...

wow, great time, isn't Joe?
I'm so happy for you!
And it's so far from the end of your career, love (:
haha <3

Tricia said...

Thanks so much for meeting with us Joe! I'm so glad I finally got to meet you after 4 years!! Good luck with everything in your career and I cant wait to finally have your CD :)