July 21, 2010

Day 3 - Radio Promo Tour

*Day 3 - my feet are inches from the floor to ceiling windows, Cincinnati Airport, Ohio. the rain is beating down onto the fluorescent ground crew below. It's 6:33pm.*

There is something very therapeutic about watching the runway. Planes arrive and leave like clockwork sharing the now monsooned tarmac. I enjoy these moments, moments to reflect, after all the hussle and bussle of dragging your luggage from the hotel and removing your belt and shoes for security. It's nice to just sit and have some thought time.

Matt is sat on his Cajon playing various beats, much to the pleasure of the business man reading his paper next to us... o o he's just moved lol. and now Matt is playing 'Sunday Morning' by Maroon 5. I met Matt last thursday when he came to audition, he sings sick harmonies and plays mean percussion, we get on great... he's 27 but looks 17 and is 6 ft 5 which is a bit annoying cos it makes me look like a hobbit. But we're having a great time, it's nice to have someone to travel with, some fun banter, I'm so used to travelling alone. and he will literally make friends with anyone and everyone... including exchanging facebook details with todays driver lol... very cool.

Today, we were at the Mix 102.3 in Louisville, KY where I met the 4 gorgeous interns that helped get my song on the airwaves. Then we drove an hour or so north to Cincinnati to hang with the crew at Q102 and they gave me a goody bag that included 'The Bachelor' game for the Wii.... which i'm sure will make for an interesting evening of fun ;) I then drew some funky art for their breast cancer auction later in the year (below). Thanks again for welcoming me into your boardrooms and studios with open arms!

I'm now sat in a Sunsetting Detroit airport transfixed by the might of an Airbus A340 about to board for Boston where the next leg of our journey will begin...
Peace and Love
Over and Out
Joe x


Katie M!! said...

My cousin and I both agree that you should have been an author if you weren't such a talented singer. =) I'm so glad you're having fun on your tour. Best of luck!
P.S. You make me laugh... A lot.

Anonymous said...

I live in Ohio! and yes agree... write a book!

JJ said...

Haha Joe : maybe you should write a book??
p.s. Your books would be very interesting lol

Camila said...
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Camila said...

Hi Joe, I'm from Brazil and already recognize your work here, is very beautiful ... We love you, I hope to appear here soon. You are my inspiration. I will do a tattoo for you, would like your opinion.

Ps. Yes, you should write a book.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a girlfriend?

Any Marry said...

"pretty cooool" HAHAHA
I love you, man!
Have a good time!
And I liked Matt! (: haha

and, yes yes write a book! ♥